Water Your Plants!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Many of you will have read a ton of differing suggestions and advice on how to water. You may hear "soak 30 min once a week" or "5 hours" or "overnight" or "2 hours once a month" or " mist daily" or " dunk" and you may hear to turn them upside down to dry.

It all becomes overwhelming! So, before I go into some factors leading up to your watering routine, it is beyond helpful to LEARN about the plants that you have. If you truly want to give the best care possible to them taking a few minutes to look up their place of origin will give you extra clues for what they are used to and you can incorporate that into your care routine. A plant that comes from an area that gets little rain may confuse someone into thinking they won't need to water much- and here is how that can become a problem. Even a plant like a Xerographica can withstand long periods without rain but the amount of humidity and the temperatures then play a huge part in how they can stay alive. Typically the humidity would be much higher and consistent, or the temps dont rise/fall to extremes as we have here in the US. So even tho a Xerographica won't have rain for a month from where they live in the wild doesn't necessarily mean it will be happy if you live in a low humidity area with crazy summer temps and only water it once a month.

So here is where I move into the "watering" confusion. First and foremost I want to say, there really isn't a right or wrong, black or white deal here. Some plants will do just fine with a once a week soak. Even myself had become adverse to soaking because it "wasn't how it happened in nature" and no one was there to "turn them upside down" and I wanted to be as natural as possible. I felt that spraying them was best ( of course once you have too many to soak spraying is all you really can do) BUT- I kep