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Spiffy Up Those Clumps

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

If you are a fan of clumps you may have come to realize they aren’t all the same. Certain clumps, I came to discover, arent just an “original” mother in plant that has grown together by means of pups. Some of these clumps appear to be seedlings that have all grown together and have their roots all intertwined together. I discovered this by attempting to trim rogue roots that were popping out from every orifice of the plant and detracting from its looks. There I am snipping away and suddenly the clump is not a clump and is breaking away into pieces. So all these plants were not attached by an original stem- they seeded and those seedlings just crowded together and formed a cute ”clump“. So beware the overzealous root trimming and check to see what kind of clump you have or you may end up with tidbits of plants rather than your cute mounds you began with!

I have also found that the seedling types of clumps have more deaths and need more grooming so far.. turn them over and I’ll find all sorts of tiny seedlings all either dried up from lack of water getting beneath them or they had too mI have water and couldn’t get the air flow beneath them and again - be careful as you remove the dead plants from the clump or you could suddenly end up with extra small mini clumps.

So there it is- the ”clump” on clumps

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I've learned that not all plant clumps are created equal. Some aren't just clusters grown from a single mother plant but are actually groups of seedlings tangled together. Careful trimming revealed this, as some clumps broke apart into separate plants. For anyone needing Buy statistics dissertation. I offer personalized assistance to ensure your data analysis is accurate and well-presented, helping you succeed in your academic journey.


As a plant enthusiast and a user of law essay writing service, I’ve found this post incredibly insightful. It’s fascinating how clumps aren’t always what they seem. I’ve learned the hard way too, that overzealous root trimming can lead to unexpected surprises. Thanks for the heads up on the seedling types of clumps needing more care. Your post has certainly given me a new perspective on the “clump” of clumps!


As a plant enthusiast, I’ve learned the hard way that not all clumps are created equal. Some are a family of pups from an original plant, while others are a tangle of seedlings grown together. My experience with Abstract Writing Services taught me to observe and understand before taking action. So, before you start snipping those rogue roots, make sure you know what kind of clump you’re dealing with, or you might end up with plant fragments instead of the cute mound you started with!


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If you are a fan of clumps you may have come to realize they Vintage Marlboro Track Jacket

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