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Things You Need to Know~

Ordering Information and Store Policies 

    Please allow 3-5 business days BEFORE your order is shipped. It is rare for there to be this much delay before shipping but it can happen.


****Shipping is a flat rate of $8 and all will be shipped priority. 

****For extra large plants exact shipping will be charged.


Free shipping is available for orders over $100. Occasionally there may be plants that are too large to give the free shipping for and an additional cost will be applied before plants can be shipped.

It will always be within reason and I will communicate with you before hand.


 Drift In Air is not responsible for shipping damage, lost packages or delays.

This includes cold weather and/or hot weather damage.


****COLD WEATHER- Please understand that shipping plants always carries risk, regardless of precautions taken. 

Because of this we cannot be held liable for frozen plants shipped with or without a heat pack.

Please do not rely on a heat pack to guarantee plants will arrive safely.

It is known that Tillandsia are hardy and most species ship very well in temps down to freezing, and heat packs can provide additional warmth but are not guaranteed to work once temperatures have dropped below 32 degrees.

If you are concerned about their  safety and weather is unpredictable we will hold the plants until you are ready or wait until the weather in your area is at a more acceptable level.

We have successfully shipped all seasons with very little issues but things can happen outside of our control.

We do stress the importance that a person be available to receive the package upon delivery for ANY time of the year.

Please contact USPS for claims regarding shipping issues.


  ***Refunds are given for incorrect product sent only, however, every circumstance is different and will be taken on an individual basis so please always  reach out.

I believe I am very fair in this and want you to be happy with your purchase.

You may be given the option to pay the shipping and send the plants back and if they are intact a refund can be given once received.


If you receive a package that has a missing plant it is the buyers responsibility to contact the shop immediately upon receipt.


Photos of the order may be required for individuals not sure about the names of the plants in order to determine what may be missing. 


***Cancellations must be made within 12 hours of ordering


 *** Labeling- I do not label plants sent for regular orders. If an order has multiple plants that are very close in appearance I am now labeling them but that is subjective.

Surprise Me boxes are the exception to this.

All other orders will come unlabeled unless a request is made. 


 *** Plants vary greatly in size, shape, color and is factored by what is sent from the growers depending upon their supply, time of year ect .

It is possible to order a plant one day and then order it again at a later date and it may be smaller, less curly, full etc and most of the time this is normal.

If the significance is extreme the price is adjusted to what I feel is appropriate.


Plants that have an excess of broken leaves or blemishes will typically be marked down as B grades/closeout/sale


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