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Cardiologists are in high demand and require advanced training. The cardiologist jobs themselves are complex, and many cardiologists are employed on a full-time basis in hospitals, research institutes, and private practices. If you're interested in a career in the field, PracticeMatch is the perfect place to start. It features thousands of positions in the medical field and allows you to search through listings by specialty and location. Register for a free account to start applying for jobs.

In the medical field, you can look for a career as a cardiologist by completing a four-year undergraduate program in medicine (MBBS). The program includes a year of internship. After completing a DM, you can begin practicing medicine as a cardiologist. You must also have a medical license from the Medical Council of India to practice in the India. For example, you could become a cardiologist surgeon, specializing in surgeries on the heart and chest blood vessels. This occupation requires many years of education and a residency. You will also need a state-issued medical license in order to practice in the India.

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