What Are Those?!?!........ROOTS

If you are a newcomer to the Tillandsia world you may not know much about their roots. Or what they even look like since you may have received a plant with a cleaned up bottom. Roots on a Tillandsia are strange looking alien things if one has never seen them, you may start googling in a panic thinking some creature has taken over your plant, but have no fear! If you have been blessed with the appearance of fresh roots consider it a compliment! Some species grow them more readily than others but to me when I see them I smile every time. I love when I reach in for a plant that hasn't been disturbed for a long period of time and when I lift it up pieces of orchid bark or the lava rock used for bedding come up with them. It gives me joy! Roots are anchors for the Tillandsia- they are incredibly strong and are meant to hold the plant in place wherever it is growing - from a tree, boulder, etc. Collectors often mount their plants to a piece of wood or cork bark by applying either glue and then wire to firml